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Pet Portrait FAQ's

I'm always happy to answer questions !
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How much does a pet portrait cost? How do I pay? Can I pay in increments?

        A standard 12"x 12" or 11" x 14" oil painting on canvas of your pet is $160, plus an addition $10 to cover domestic shipping. You may choose to have the entire body of your pet portrayed in the painting, or a close-up of their face; there is no difference in the pricing for your style preference. You may pay using Paypal or by mailing a check, and if you would like to set up a plan to pay in smaller increments over a period of time, I'm more than happy to work that out with you. I try to keep the cost as low as I can, so as many people can afford art as possible. It may be helpful to know that the $160 covers the cost of an average of 10 hours of work, plus the materials. In addition, I always paint the edges of my paintings as if they are a continuation of the canvas, so the edges are very attractive, and the finished portrait doesn't beg for a frame (which can  sometimes be a hefty expense) to cover up messy looking edges. Not a bad deal at all! :)

Are 12" x 12" and 11" x 14" canvases the only sizes you work with, or may I request something larger?

        Larger sizes are no problem at all! Name the size you had in mind, and I'll be happy to give you an estimate for the cost of the piece. Much larger and more complex pieces require a non-refundable down payment, which will be a small percentage of the total cost of the painting. Full payment is due when the painting is finished and the patron is completely satisfied with the work.

How much would a portrait featuring multiple pets cost?

      I charge $50.oo for each additional pet you would like to appear on the same canvas. Usually I can easily fit two pets onto  the  12" x 12" or 11" x 14", bringing the total cost to $210 ($160 for the standard size portrait, plus $50 for the extra critter). Sometimes however, a portrait with multiple pets needs to be painted on a larger canvas, in which case we can discuss your options for sizes and then go over how much extra it would cost for the size you're interested in.

How do I choose a photograph for the painting? Can you change/eliminate/or add certain things that appear in the photograph I choose? How should I send it to you?

        Clarity is the most important quality that I look for in a photograph. It is very difficult to work from images that are blurry, or that obscure important features of your pet. If you are able to come up with a photo that truly captures the personality of your pet, I can project that in your portrait. If you've found a photograph that is almost perfect, but not quite right in certain aspects, we can discuss ways to change posture, add toys or collars, eliminate backgrounds, etc. I am able to combine features from several photographs into the portrait for you, if necessary. You can send your digital image(s) and any correspondence to my email at

How long does a pet portrait take to finish and will I get to see it in progress? May I suggest changes?

        There can be different circumstances surrounding each portrait, but the average smaller portrait usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Larger or more complex pet portraits may take a little longer. I will email progress pictures of your painting, and will ask for your feedback, suggestions, and thoughts. I want to make sure it is everything you had in mind, so please don't be at all shy about sharing your observations!