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What is the cost to have a custom piece done?

        The cost of a custom piece depends on a variety of factors: the level of complexity is something I strongly consider when giving an estimate, as well as the amount of planning and design involved before painting can even begin. Sometimes patrons would simply like a portrait or a landscape painted from a photograph, and a project like that does not take the same amount of planning as something I am asked to design from scratch. The size of the requested canvas also plays a role because a larger project usually takes more time, as well as more materials. I guess you could say, “custom pieces come with custom prices.” ;)

What do I need to do to obtain an estimate?

        Get in touch with me with as much information about your vision as you can (i.e. composition, size, background, etc.). We can then begin a correspondence, and I will send you an estimate based on your request.  You can contact me using thus handy contact form, or email me at

What happens next, after we have discussed what I have in mind, and the estimated cost of the piece?

        This is where I start sketching out my interpretation of your vision, and I send you my ideas via email. You give me feedback and we go back and forth until you're happy with the design.

Will I have an opportunity to see your progress with the painting once you begin, and to make any suggestions throughout the process?

        Yes, of course! I will periodically send you photos of the work in progress and sincerely request your feedback, input, requests for changes, etc. I want the piece to be everything you had in mind :)

What forms of payment do you accept?

         I accept payments via Paypal or mailed check -- whichever form of payment is most suitable to you.

Ready to get in touch? Contact me via email with your vison! :)

Custom Work FAQ's